Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Monitored Tips – An Honest Review

We delve deep into the services provided by Monitored Tips


Soccer tips have become a cornerstone of the soccer betting industry in recent years as online sports betting becomes increasingly comprehensive and accessible. But with so many people now claiming to be tipsters, it can be confusing to separate legal services from scams.

Thankfully, websites like Monitored Tips have been created to provide a trustworthy platform for people to get soccer tips and additional advice to help their soccer betting careers.

Before we delved deep into the Monitored Tips website to discover all of their services, the first thing we did was to check out their client reviews. Of course, all sites and companies will only publicize positive reviews, but the sheer amount of reviews from clients praising Monitored Tips is undoubtedly an encouraging sign.

The ‘Tipster’ section is where the primary service of Monitored Tips can be found. Here you will find the complete leaderboard featuring all of their registered tipsters.

The leaderboard can be switched from All Time to Weekly or Monthly performances and can be adjusted to rank in order the tipsters in terms of Total Profit, Hits Rate, Average Odds, or Total Tips.

This is a handy feature as it gives you the flexibility to browse tipsters in order of what you are looking for.

Once you have located a tipster you are considering to choose, click on their profile – this is where Monitored Tips really excels. The detail of performance and statistics for each of their tipsters is in-depth and very impressive.

Each tipster explains the services they provide, their replacement policy (if they have one), and how long they have been providing their services at Monitored Tips. They also display the markets they focus their soccer tips on and the minimum amount of weekly tips.

You can view the complete history of every tipster on their profile – every tip they have ever made and the result of that tip.

Monitored Tips have made it straightforward to navigate through the archives, allowing you to view by month or Betting Type, or both.

However, the best feature on the tipster profile is the interactive bar graph that displays the profits and hit rates. The graph can also be printed out or downloaded on to your computer.

Monitored Tips has a Live Scores section with fixtures, live scores, and results of soccer matches from all around the world, including a Tipsters section featuring all the stats you need.

The Live Scores section also provides direct access to league tables, lineups, head-to-head records, and most importantly the latest odds. It is a fully comprehensive service to rival any Live Scores section in the industry.

Additionally, Monitored Tips has a blog section where you will find informative blog posts about the soccer betting industry, including handy betting guides.

We are extremely impressed by the service provided by Monitored Tips. The Tipsters section and all of the stats provided is one of the best in the industry and provides those looking for an edge a trustworthy resource to rely on.

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