Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Why Ronaldinho is the greatest player ever


If you watch him play football, you will fall in love with him and with football as well. The best thing about Ronaldinho is that; he was just incomparable.

He did incredible stuff with such ease and putting the minimum amount of effort, and this is what made him far better than others.

Every time he uses to walk in, it was like he is here to enjoy. He perhaps was most happy when he was playing the game. Always smiling and running hard behind the ball and showing the world that what he was capable of doing on the field.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say Ronaldinho took football to another era, he did magic with the ball at his feet. He was never a player he was a magician.

If we say that he was flawless, then it will be justifiable with the amount of talent which he was having. He is someone who won the World Cup and also a Champions League winner as well.

He is someone who never went through any downfall. He came, he ruled, and he proved that he is the best. He uses to arrive for the training before everyone in the team and at the same time he uses to party a lot.

Ronaldinho was someone who kept his personal life separate from his professional career, and this is another thing which other players must learn from him.

In the summer of 2003, Barcelona outbid Manchester United for Ronaldinho’s signature by paying €30million, and that changed the history of Barcelona. He scored his first goal for the club in a midnight kick-off from the halfway line.

He will always be remembered for grooming new talent in the game of football. He was a team player. He had an infinite number of assists in his career.

It won’t be wrong if we say Messi is Messi because of him, he wasn’t only helping Messi in his first goal, but he also helped him develop as a player.

Messi in his interview admitted that Barcelona wouldn’t have been able to create as the biggest club in the world if Ronaldinho wasn’t there in their roster.

He also won Serie A when he moved to AC Milan in 2008 and fulfilled a life lasting dream by winning the Copa Libertadores with Atletico Mineiro in 2013.

Many will come, and many will go, but no one would ever be able to match the level of this man.


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