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Top 5 ways Arsenal can break the trophy drought in the EPL

The Top 5 Ways Arsenal Can Win A Trophy?


Arsenal is widely regarded as one of the world’s best football clubs. At one point, they were The Invincibles – they got through an entire Premier League season without losing a single match. But this was 16 years ago, back in 2003/04, when Arsene Wenger was their manager.

Their glory days now seem like a distant dream, as they appear to be struggling these past few seasons. As of now, they seem to be stuck in the middle of the table with no signs of improvement in the imminent future. Is there any way they could fix their trophy drought?


Top 5 Ways Arsenal Can Win A trophy

So far, Arsenal seems to be having one of their worst seasons in a while. Wins are scarce and frustrated fans are turning on the team. It’s been a while since the Gunners brought home a trophy, 16 years in fact. The last time they won the league was during their unbeaten 2003/04 season. While this season may not be their time, here are the top 5 ways Arsenal can break the trophy drought in the EPL. 


1. Better management

Fans have been calling for a change in ownership for years now. They’ve been dissatisfied with the way things are being run, and for good measure too.

Contracts haven’t been managed well at all, some great players with plenty of potential were let go, and instead, money was invested into players that didn’t fit the team’s needs. Earlier this year, tensions were brewing behind the scenes in the management department, which caused Sven Mislintat, Arsenal’s head of recruitment, to leave after less than a year with them. 

The team is in dire need of a better management team, one that would push the club towards winning and make decisions that would benefit the team. Let’s see if Arteta fits that role.


2. Invest in the right players

We already touched on this in the previous point, but Arsenal hasn’t been making the best transfer decisions over the past few years. Instead of signing players that would improve the team’s overall form, they’ve kept those players who haven’t been performing well and bringing in ones that do not fit in with the team’s philosophy. 

Getting in the right players and getting rid of some of their current squad would benefit the club greatly. 


3. Strengthen the Midfield

The Gunners need stronger midfielders. Let’s be honest. Xhaka needs to go. His performance so far has been underwhelming.  Arsenal needs a better central midfielder. Bellerin and Mkhitarian haven’t been great either. Swapping them out for Torreira would help, but the team needs to bring in more authoritative and defensive midfielders who can press.


4. Strengthen defense and attack

Arsenal’s defense has been sloppy. Mesut Ozil is a great player, but his form hasn’t been quite up to mark. Ever since he was signed, his performance only seems to get worse. Shkodran Mustafi hasn’t been bringing too much to the table, either. Arsenal needs to look for players who can press and regain possession. They need a good left-back, and hopefully, we’ll be seeing them building up their defense this winter transfer window. 

Arsenal’s attack is probably the only good thing they have going for form now. While they have a good set of strikers, their forwards – Nicholas Pepe and  Gabriel Martinelli are young and inexperienced and can use a bit of work.


5. Better leadership

Another thing Arsenal seems to lack right now is good leadership. The squad is not cohesive and all over the place. There is no consistency, and that comes from a lack of proper leadership.

Fans are hoping that the new head coach (Arteta) would be a better fit than Unai Emery, who was sacked last month after Arsenal experienced their longest winless run since 1992. He spent a little more than a year in charge, during which he was the brunt of a barrage of criticism from fans. He appointed Xhaka as captain, and that didn’t seem to work out well either. 

Now, with Mikel Artera in charge, hopefully, The Gunners will see some better leadership skills in the months to come. 



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